Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Damn the Man

You gotta love corporate America right?!? Yup, today during a horrible snow storm, I still had to arrive at work to make sure everyone would be able to do their banking. I made sure to pack along my lunch, something to read and my YARN. Almost a full shift of "work" and I managed to get a good start on a couple of hats. Ethically I should have been doing something work related, but today I said "Damn the Man" and crocheted without the worry that anyone would say "hey, go do some work."

So today I present the Damn the Man Winter Hat.  Available today for the great price of $16.00 each at  For all of those that were forced out of their nice warm beds to go out to put your lives on the line on the un-plowed roads of New England. 

Cable Stich can be done with CROCHET!!!

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