Monday, January 16, 2012

Happy New Year!

Wyvern Studio had a great month in December!  This is motivating me to keep making new things.  Lucy's has a new collection of buttons with some new colors and a few heart shaped ones in preparation for Valentines day.

Note the yellow and black ones that I refer to as the "Squished Bumblebees".  Ah, things that I find amusing that no one else does...

Lucy's Art Emporium also has a bunch of new newborn baby beanies perfect for baby showers everywhere and Daisy has been putting together some wonderful little baby gift baskets.

I have been working diligently on my book.  I am hand writing everything at the moment to get all the ideas down before I forget them.  At least two notebook pages per lunch break at work, so about 8 - 12 pages per week.  I am not a writer, so this going to be some hard work for me.  I found a writing group at the library and the first meeting was very inspiring.  People from all writing interests such as novel, poetry, superhero action segments (read aloud with character voices) and even a very personal journal entry.  I like this group and I think next session I will even put together a few paragraphs to share with the group. 

My intentions are to start typing it all up and making it a readable story after my rough draft notebooks are complete.  Two notebooks so far, it may take another notebook by the time I am done with the story and the character development. 

My ETSY page has a bunch of items listed.  I have the intentions of making up some plaques with some funny, interesting images to burn soon.  Currently working on a commisioned baseball bat for a little boy.  Oh, this is going to be so sweet.  The dad is a HUGE Red Sox fan and apparently this child will have to be too.

So that is my January post, until next month....