Friday, June 24, 2011

Hiking Stick ideas...

Working hard on those hiking sticks...  This past Wednesday was all day fun in the studio.  I decided to start having open studio to the folks that know me and would like to see what I do.  Wednesday was my first day, although no one came I was plugging away.

Thinking about new designs and what may interest the hiking/nature peeps out there...
  • maple leaves...done
  • vines...done
  • australian aboriginal inspired...done
  • zippers...I love zippers
  • celtic design...who doesn't love celtic knots, right?
That is about as far as I have gotten... Anyone out there have any suggestions, ideas (good or bad ones)?

My next Open Studio will not be until well into July because of previous engagements on my "work" days off, wedding stuff and Independence Day.  Oh how the days are flying by!

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